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composition of electric hoist

What is the composition of electric hoist

composition of electric hoist

Electric hoist referred to as electric hoist, is a small light lifting equipment. Electric hoist with small size, light weight, simple operation, easy to use and so on, for industrial and mining enterprises, warehousing terminals and other places. From the general weight of 0.1 to 80 tons, lifting height of 3 to 30 meters. It consists of motor, transmission and reel or sprocket composition, divided into wire rope electric hoist and electric chain hoist.

Wire rope electric hoist sub-CD1 type (constant speed), MD1 type (constant speed / slow); usually with self-propelled squirrel cage cone-shaped rotor motor drive. Most electric hoists are manipulated by people using the buttons on the ground, or can be manipulated in the driver’s room or wired (wireless) remote control. Electric hoist used in single girder, bridge crane, gantry crane, hanging crane. Therefore, it is to improve labor efficiency, improve the working conditions of the necessary machinery.

Lifting parts structure and function


1, hoist lifting motor

Function: to provide power to the hoist rolling. With brake

2, lifting mechanism reducer

Function: change the motor output shaft speed, the power transmission to the reel. Deceleration speed is generally 8m / min-16m / min

3, reel

Role: through their own rolling retractable rigging, so that the hook lift. Wire rope hoist for the reel, chain hoist for the sprocket and chain box.

The structure and function of walking parts

1, car (cart) drive wheel

Role: will run the motor to provide the power, through the internal reducer deceleration, driving the car walking

2, car (cart) passive wheel

Function: by rolling with the drive wheel on the other side, the power provided by the drive wheel.

3, running the motor (cart, car)

Role: to drive for the car to provide power. Relative to the hoist motor power is very small, generally with a walking wheel between the first deceleration.

4, electrical installations

Role: internal electrical components control the normal operation of electric hoist.

5, the connection device

Role: the main (by) the wheel and the passive wheel to connect.

Hooks and other components of the structure and role

1, hooks

Role: connecting goods and rigging, directly bear the weight of the goods. According to the manufacturing method is divided into forged hooks and chip hooks, we generally use forged hooks.

2, button switch (remote control)

Function: operation control electric hoist operation, generally by the handle button box or remote control components.

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