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Classification of Bridge Cranes

A Brief Introduction about the Classification of Bridge Cranes


The overhead crane is a lifting device that spans the material over the workshop, the warehouse and yard, and is located on a tall cement pillar or metal bracket at both ends. The bridge of the bridge crane runs longitudinally along the rails on both sides of the viaduct, making full use of the space below the bridge to lift the material from the ground equipment. It is the use of the most extensive, the largest number of a lifting machine.

Can be divided into: ordinary bridge crane, simple beam bridge crane, metallurgical bridge crane, explosion-proof bridge crane.

Ordinary bridge crane: the main use of electric drive, usually in the driver room manipulation, but also long-distance control. Large weight of the ordinary bridge crane to facilitate the installation and adjustment, drive devices often use universal coupling.

 Simple beam bridge crane: also known as beam crane, its structure and similar to the ordinary bridge crane. From the weight, span and working speed are small. The main girder of the bridge is a simple section beam composed of I-beam or other steel and slabs. With a chain hoist or an electric hoist, a simple car is used as a lifting car. The trolley is usually run on the lower flange of the I-beam. The bridge can run along the viaduct or run along a track that is suspended beneath the elevated.

Metallurgical special bridge crane: This crane can be involved in a specific process operation in the steel production process. The basic structure is similar to that of an ordinary bridge crane, but it is also equipped with special working mechanism or device in the crane. The work of this crane is characterized by frequent use, poor conditions, higher level of work.

 Explosion-proof bridge crane: This crane is mainly used in the explosive atmosphere of the use of lifting, the basic structure and ordinary bridge crane similar, but in the motor and electrical parts and metal contact surface and other mechanical parts to take explosion-proof measures to ensure that the explosion-proof environment Use of the security.

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