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purchase single girder gantry crane

When purchase single girder gantry crane need to pay attention to several points
Now, in the market have various types of single girder gantry crane .When choose single girder gantry crane need grasp some necessary principles. 

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one,single or double Girder gantry crane

If the lifting weight and span requirements is not very high,should choose single girder gantry crane.If require a weight greater than 50 tons, and span of 35 meters wide, and have higher request for homework to obey;Need to choose double girder gantry crane

two,the span of gantry crane

Examples of very nervous in the crane is span title.Therefore, to choose the time, must comply with the whole gantry crane can reach

three,make sure wheel track

When choose gantry crane,according to the ratio between wheel track and the span to decide.
At the same time, the wheel track at run time, to ensure the gantry crane on the orbit stable operation;But also guaranteeing goods can through the plane of the stents.

four,High quality electric appliance equipment deployment model

More important to weigh the sample is electric appliance set equipment deployment.Choose the time, must be based on GB/T14406-1993 sample.

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