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Bridge Crane Installation

Bridge crane installation method

The installation of bridge crane,Check deformation and damage for the metal structures and mechanical
electrical equipment in the transport.And repair processes,and then assembled on the ground, and then to
integral lifting.The main lifting equipment of this method is a hoist lifting mast and the ground winch.Do
a rotation Angle for the bridge crane whole,with stable rope continue to ascend beyond altitude,Determine
the direction,according to the determine location placed in orbit.


At the top of the mast must use a certain number of cable wind rope fixed,Cable wind rope strength and
fixed method shall be calculated and tested.Set the cable wind rope shall not interfere bridge in rotation
in the space.At the same time must be measured before installation and pick up from the centerline of the
orbit to the lateral wall.Otherwise the bridge in space rotation will be affected.

This method of installation for lifting equipment capacity is big, but as a result of bridge crane
assembly on the ground, so much less high, labor intensity is small, the installation cycle is short.

But some bridge crane due to plant pillars, roof and walls, such as the limitations of space
position,cannot be used integral hoisting installation method , only the subsection hoisting
method.Division electric hoist method is to dispose of bridge beam connection apart, put each of the two main
girder crane to orbit, put the car lift to higher than the height of girder position.Then put two main
girder, together, will end beam connection, finally put the car into the car.This way of lifting altitude
is difficult.

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