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The advantage of Europe type overhead crane

The advantage of Europe type overhead crane

European type overhead crane is only relative to the domestic overhead crane, the transmission form and
domestic overhead crane and there is no essential difference, is only based on Europe’s unique design
concept and advanced manufacturing technology, make whole crane structure is more compact, smooth running
.However, in the current domestic industrial manufacturing, domestic crane also has its irreplaceable

Europe type overhead crane haven’t appeared before, most of the domestic overhead crane in the majority
with large size, large weight, etc.May be due to the limitation of working content and working
environment, a lot of factory is limited by a lot of work, make the job change is difficult, since the
emergence of European overhead crane not only solved the lifting industry, also make the job easier,
greatly improving the work efficiency, is now one of the most widely used machinery.

Europe typeo verhead crane is pay attention to hook on the limit of ascension, make the hook on the whole
machine is the most along the infinite dimension compression, and even some down to only one third of the
domestic crane , That is to say, in the case of plant height must be, greatly improved the hoisting
height, the so-called European overhead crane said low clearance;

In addition, because the whole overhead crane size is small, so pull over distance is reduced
accordingly.So as to greatly effective improve factory building space.


HD Europe type overhead crane


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