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Overhead Crane Maintenance

How to overhead crane maintenance

In modern industrial production need all kinds of large machinery and equipment to complete,and the
realization of the lifting transportation, and general bridge crane is a kind of such equipment, in brake
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overhead crane in steel chemical, railway transportation, ports and logistics departments and
establishments are widely of use.In order to ensure the safety of the bridge crane operation, before
operation, all kinds of inspection work must be done.


overhead crane with electric hoist lifting height limiter, travel limit switches and interlocking institutions performance is
normal, safe and reliable.The main components meet safety requirements: opening increased less than 15% of
the original size, torsional deformation is less than 10%;Board hook bushing wear less than 50% of the
original size, board hook heart sleeve wear less than 5%, no peeling, burr, welding repair.Hook hanging
rack and los wheel has no obvious defects.

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