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Low Headroom Hoist

The advantages of Low Headroom Hoist

Low Headroom Electric Hoist

Low Headroom Hoist is the common wire rope electric hoist host up, on this side of the i-steel, increase the height of the heavy lifting. Shorten the distance between the body and the beam orbit has a unique optimal structure.

It is to move the reel set below the electric sports trolley to the side of the electric sports trolley, and add a counterweight box to the other side of the sports trolley.

So when installed on the i-steel, electric hoist can keep balance in the running, this structure is largely reduces the body’s own height. Low Headroom Hoist is suitable for use in low buildings, especially in makeshift premises or internally needed to expand effective lifting space. It is suitable for when a building is too low, lead to general electric hoist hoisting height is difficult to meet the hoisting height in the normal lifting work. It is necessary to reduce the height of the electric hoist to complete the lifting operation.

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