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EOT Crane Hook

EOT Crane Hook safety check points

Regular and regular safety checks are important links to ensure the safety of the EOT Crane Hook. Safety checks include the installation of pre-use inspections and inspection with EOT Crane Hooks. Hazardous sections are the focus of safety checks. The following main note is to install the pre-use check:

EOT Crane

  1. EOT Crane Hooks should be inspected by the manufacturer (the rated weight of the EOT Crane Hook and the inspection mark should be printed in the low stress area of ​​the EOT Crane Hook). Otherwise, the chemical composition of the EOT Crane Hook should be tested and the necessary mechanical properties (such as tensile Test, impact test). In addition, the original opening degree of the EOT Crane Hook should be measured.
  2. Surface inspection

By visual inspection, touch the surface condition of the EOT Crane Hook. In the use of EOT Crane Hook surface should be smooth, no burr, no acute angle, no cracks, folding, burning and other defects, EOT Crane Hook defects can not repair welding.

  1. Internal defect check

Check the internal condition of the EOT Crane Hook mainly through the flaw detection device. EOT Crane Hooks should not have internal cracks, white spots and affect the use of safety of any inclusions and other defects. If necessary, internal inspection should be carried out.

  1. Safety devices

Conditional installation should be installed to prevent accidental decoupling of the safety device.

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