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Overhead Crane Systems

Trouble Cause and Preventive Measures of  Reducer Gear in Overhead Crane Systems

5 Ton overhead crane

1 failure analysis

The reducer is an important transmission part of the Reducer Gear in Overhead Crane Systems. The torque is transmitted through the gear meshing, and the high speed operation of the motor is transferred to the required speed. The gear will be broken during the transmission torque. And tooth surface wear and other mechanical failure, resulting in gear failure were as follows:

  1. Short time overload or by the impact of the load, repeated bending caused by repeated fatigue break;
  2. The tooth surface is not smooth, there is a raised point of stress concentration, or lubricant is not clean;
  3. Due to excessive temperature caused by lubrication failure;
  4. Due to hard particles into the friction surface caused by wear and tear.

2 Precautions

  1. Cranes can not be used to start, start, the brake should be slow, smooth, non-specific circumstances prohibit the sudden anti-car;
  2. Replace the lubricant to be timely, and the shell clean, and to choose the appropriate type of lubricant;
  3. Always check whether the oil is clean; find that lubrication is not clean and timely replacement.
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