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lifting equipment

An accessory that can not be separated from lifting equipment

hoist motor

Reel group is one of the main parts of lifting equipment. The reel group consists of six parts, namely drum, drum shaft, gear wheel over the reel hub, bearing body and the bearing group.

Drum group function is mainly used to handle wire rope, the driving force of the drive equipment supply is passed to the wire rope, will drive the reversal movement into linear motion device.

The large drum manufacturing welding ability — a delta 80 * 2500mm large digital display lapping machine, supporting 1500t pre bending press, using semi automatic submerged arc welding, carbon dioxide welding skills and equipment complete set of welding fixture, cantilever crane KBK track cantilever crane welding quality can reach the national class a weld skills needs, and can meet the large heat treatment furnace, heat treatment requirements of large welding parts.

Note: if the drum group use lifting height is large, Need to use the guide screw groove or lubrication multi-layer winding drum, this can well reduce the scale of the drum, under normal circumstances, the wire rope damage faster, suitable for use in slow and job types, lighter weight lower on the crane. In functional requirements is high, large tonnage crane had better choose when using the steel plate drum set.

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