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Garage Gantry Crane

How to ensure the safe use of the three major components of garage gantry crane?

Gantry crane

Generally speaking, the three major components of a garage gantry crane are the hook, the wire rope and the brake. If the three major components of the problem, it is easy to cause hanging objects fall, and even cause serious casualties.

The three components of the garage gantry crane can be safely used to prevent accidents, Garage gantry crane use unit and the operator must do at ordinary times:

First, make sure that the hook’s anti lock gear is in good condition, the hook shall be protected from collision during use. Always cheer all lubricating points, found that the crack, break or wear more than standard pulleys to timely replacement.

Second, the steel wire rope in use, to avoid acute twists and turns. Garage gantry crane (system), plus (minus) speed all need to be done slowly, in order to avoid the wire rope force too hard and broke. Also, strengthen the maintenance of wire rope, often with kerosene and detergent to wash away dirt on the steel wire rope, and pay attention to the lubricating oil dipping into the rope.

Third, when the garage gantry crane operations, the operator should carefully check whether the brake parts work normally. Whether there is a blocking phenomenon, brake clearance is appropriate, the brake wheel surface is good, the adjusting nut is fastened. Once the trouble is found, repaired in time, to ensure safety.

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