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hoist hook

Why can not repair welding after hoist hook head damage?

hoist hook

The hoist hook is made by heat treatment after forging. Forging processing technology is a method of metal thermal processing technology, forging process is the refinement of metal and metal fiber arrangement process, and heat treatment is to eliminate the internal stress and further improve the mechanical properties of metal (can be easily understood as the internal metal Organization is more compact).

Welding is the metal part of the melting, fusion, curing process of the whole process. When the welding, near the welding of low-scaffolding hoist hook due to the role of heat conduction, so that part of the basic metal by varying degrees of heating and cooling, as part of this part of a heat treatment, so that part of the organization and performance Has changed, and most of the welding is for the hoist hook of the wear depressions, and depression and vertical dangerous section in the same line. The welding makes the metal structure of the hoist hook and the order of the metal fiber is destroyed, which reduces the mechanical performance of the hoist.

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