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Motor Hoist Crane

Internal Structure of Explosion – proof Motor Hoist Crane and Its Function


1, tap: Motor Hoist Crane for power grid operation needs, the general transformer has a high voltage side of the tap, can not fully guarantee the tap switch , so the load regulator can not run in parallel.

2, the voltage transformer: a winding number of turns N1, secondary winding turns N2 less, the equivalent of a step-down transformer. When the PT is in operation, the primary winding and the secondary winding are connected in parallel to the secondary circuit and the secondary control circuit voltage coil. So if the secondary winding is short-circuited, it will cause a very large secondary current.

3, handcart / drawer: handcart and drawers are high voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear part, respectively, the installation of high voltage circuit breakers and low voltage circuit breakers and their relays and other components. They are basically the same with the function of fixed switchgear, the main difference is to facilitate the maintenance and repair.

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