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The lost of the Gantry Frame crane common accident has the following several types

Gantry crane

1.Decoupling accident

Decoupling accident refers to the weight, hoisting rope or dedicated spreader from hook hook mouth out weight loss caused by accidents. The main cause of the decoupling accident is that the hook is lack of hook protection device. To protect the hook protection function failure, Improper assembly method and hook hook mouth deformation cause opening is too large, etc.

2.Take off the rope accident

Take off the rope accident refers to the weight from the bound of hoisting rope casualty damage accident fall to pieces. The main reason causing the accident is off rope binding method and essentials of weight properly, causing load slippage. Incorrect lifting weight, causing partial load lifting or lifting center instability caused heavy loss. Gantry Frame Crane load by collision, such as shock, vibration and swing, cause weight loss, etc

3.Broken rope accident

The main cause of hoisting rope breakage for overload lifting tensile steel wire rope. Lifting limit switch failure caused by broken wire rope reel; Wire rope for use for a long time and a lack of maintenance of fatigue deformation and wear damage such as meet or exceed standards still use such as rupture caused by the accident.

4.Hook the fracture accident

Hook breakage accident refers to hook fracture weight loss caused by accidents. The cause of the hook breakage is the defect of the hook material, Hook for long-term wear section reduced have to scrap the limit standard still use or often use, overload fatigue damage that the fracture failure.

Hoisting machinery mainly occurred in the lost accident fetch winding hoist system, in addition to take off the rope, decoupling, rope, and off the hook, Each hoisting rope on both ends of the fixed is also important, such as the limit of the wire rope on the drum safety whether can guarantee in 2 times above. If there is a decline in limit protection, wire rope on the drum unit clamp fixed and wedge fixed structure is safe and reasonable.

Wire rope groove or take off a round of accident also lost accident will happen. If found damaged should be repaired or replaced immediately.

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