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Why didn’t response after wire rope Light Duty Electric Hoist start

Why didn’t response after wire rope Light Duty Electric Hoist start?

5Ton Electic Hoist

one. The voltage is normal. Need to consider whether the motor burned at this moment, need to replace the motor maintenance; Because of the long time no use and poor maintenance, the brake wheel and the end cover rust and die. When the brake is started, the brake wheel can’t get rid of it. The motor only makes a strange noise and doesn’t start, so the gourd can’t work. At this time, should remove brake wheel, modify surface cleaning, and trial again. Motor can also lead to motor does not rotate, should immediately stop using, and for repair or replacement of motor.

Two. The power supply is insufficient . Then need to check whether the power supply system for wire rope Light Duty Electric Hoist control box power transmission, test pencil is commonly used in testing.

Three. Overloaded use . Overloading of general cargo will cause the hoist to lift up the cargo, Burn down the motor seriously. Then need to confirm whether the overload, such as overload need to immediately stop, reduce weight, make the hoist work under rated load.

Four. Voltage anomaly : The voltage of the hoist motor of the wire rope Light Duty Electric Hoist is more than 10 % lower than the rated voltage , and the starting torque of the motor is too small , so that the hoist does not lift the goods , and cannot work.

Five. Wire rope Light Duty Electric Hoist control box, control circuit, circuit disconnection or poor contact of electrical appliances, as well as the control button in poor contact, also can make the motor can’t electricity. Appear this kind of circumstance, need to repair the main, control circuit and the control button. in order to prevent the main and the control loop from being sent to the power supply failure phase of the three – phase motor to burn out the motor , or sudden operation of the motor, Make sure that the hoist motor is disconnected from the power supply line , only the main and control loops are sent . After turning on the line in the control button , start and stop the switch , check and analyze the operation of the electric appliance and the circuit . For appliances with problems or line for repair or replacement, when confirm the master and control circuit of trouble-free before trial run again.

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