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Overhead Bridge Crane Operation

The overhead bridge crane safety operation

a. The Overhead Bridge Crane Operation

  1. The Overhead Bridge Crane Operation should hold the post and concentrate on the work.
  2. Before each assignment, conduct a no-load test to check if the machine has not broken down, whether safety devices are safe and reliable.
  3. When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden to walk or linger under the path of the hanging objects.
  4. When the weight of the load is close to the rated load, a test crane should be carried out first. Lift and drop to check the reliability of each operating mechanism.
  5. Strictly abide by the principle of “ten is not hanged”.
  6. When there is a safety problem with the overhead bridge crane, it is necessary to stop the crane for the first time.
  7. When the position of the lifting heavy objects fall to the floor, stay in the roll force of steel wire rope to ensure the above two laps. The crane can not hold cargo when it is stopped. To lift the hook to a certain height position, place the handle under zero and disconnect the power supply.
    Bridge Crane hook
    b. The Overhead Bridge Crane Operation should learn the technical requirements of the content
    1. Familiar with operating environment characteristics
    The crane driver should understand the characteristics of the ground operator; Operators should be familiar with the characteristics of the goods are often hung; Be familiar with production process, etc.
    2. Overhead Bridge Crane Operation should master the basic technical requirements of operating cranes, namely: stable, accurate, fast, safe and reasonable. Stable, indicating that during the operation process, the lifting hook or load of the crane stops at the specified position, the swing amplitude is very small; Accurate, indicating that in ensuring the stability of the premise, the shortest use time, through the shortest path for a lift; Safety, indicating good inspection, ensure that the crane is in good condition to do the work, in the process of operation, comply with the relevant specifications, safety operation;
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