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Gantry Crane wheel repair

Gantry Crane wheel repair


(1) Gantry Crane wheel tread wear, wheel tread wear more than 15% of the original thickness should be replaced when the new pieces, did not exceed this value, can re-car system, heat treatment repair. The diameter of the wheel should be within the tolerance range, the surface hardening hardness HB300 ~ 500, the wheel diameter greater than Φ400mm quenching layer thickness should be greater than 20mm; less than Φ400mm, the quenching layer thickness should not be less than 15mm;

(2) The diameter deviation of the two mutually matching wheels shall not exceed 0.1% of the nominal diameter and the driven wheel should not exceed 0.2%. The diameter of the electric hoist wheel shall not exceed 1% of the nominal diameter. Moving wheel should not exceed 0.2%; electric hoist wheel diameter deviation should not exceed the nominal diameter of 1%;

(3) rim wear and tear, deformation: the edge of the wear and tear of 50% of the original thickness or break the area of ​​more than 30mm2 should be scrapped, the thickness of the flange deformation of the original thickness of 20% should be scrapped;

(4) Gantry Crane wheel cracks: the wheels should be found in the cracks should be scrapped;

(5) tread oval: wheel tread oval up to 1mm should be scrapped;

(6) Gantry Crane wheel assembly: the installation of the wheel assembly, should be able to hand flexible rotation, installed in the same balance frame on a few wheels in the same vertical plane, the allowable deviation of 1mm.

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