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electric hoist crane

The technical parameters of electric hoist crane

Electric Overhead Crane

There are two kinds of electric hoist crane role (used independently, cooperate with large machinery as the main lifting accessories), electric hoist crane structure is small, easy to operate. The quality of the installation is the prerequisite to ensure the good working condition of the later stage equipment, Whether to install in place determines its service life.

The installation process should pay attention to matters:

In order to avoid electric hoist crane to orbit in the process of driving end when there will be no derailment or collision damage the body, so should be installed on both ends of the orbit good some buffer device to absorb impact.

In order to ensure the electric safety should be set after the bottom line, Before installation should check parts for damage or is their own defects, If it is found that should be in time for repair or replacement. Installation requirements shall be in strict accordance with the operation process, operators should enhance their safety awareness and maintain a zero tolerance for safety hazards.

Whether it is from a safety point of view or an economic point of view, It is necessary to check and accept the equipment after the initial installation. We mainly check the project includes the following points:

Check that the components whether are damaged during the installation, whether the line connection of the electrical equipment are safe and reliable, there any malfunctions or unusual faults in the safety protection devices.

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