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explosion-proof hoist crane

The basic knowledge of explosion-proof hoist crane and application

Explosion Proof Hoist

Explosion-proof electric hoist, explosion-proof electric single girder crane, explosion proof hoist double girder crane called explosion-proof hoist crane.

Explosion-proof electric hoist crane is based on ordinary hoist crane, from machine and electricity two aspects to take the necessary measures and effective explosion-proof technology, in order to ensure the production of crane itself and the working environment of the spark or the heat will not cause explosion and disaster. Recently as the main measures of explosion-proof hoist crane is a crane must be explosion-proof electrical equipment (all kinds of explosion-proof motor, electrical appliance), explosion-proof measures as auxiliary machinery.

The basic knowledge of explosion-proof crane (explosion-proof electric hoist)

  1. The main explosion-proof technology terminology
  2. Explosive environment with explosion-proof electrical equipment
  3. Explosive atmospheres – containing explosive mixtures in the environment
  4. Explosive gas environment with explosive gas mixture of avian environment
  5. Explosive gas mixture, under atmospheric conditions, gas, vapor, mist shape material mixed with air, after ignition, combustion will save the whole mixture spread within a small range.
  6. The highest surface temperature- Electrical equipment in the most unfavorable regulation range allowed, any part is exposed to the explosive mixture of any surface can not be caused by electrical equipment around the explosive mixture explosion.
  7. Flameproof electrical equipment – electrical apparatus with flameproof enclosure
  8. The flameproof enclosure can withstand the internal explosive gas mixture explosion pressure, and to prevent the explosion inside the shell to the surrounding explosive mixture spread.
  9. Flameproof Station – to prevent the explosion inside the explosive gas mixture to spread, flameproof shell parts with relative surface on the table.
  10. Explosion-proof type to prevent lit around the explosive mix content of specific measures for electric equipment type.
  11. Flameproof electrical apparatus “d”, which belongs to the flameproof
  12. Increased safety electrical apparatus “e” belongs to energy reduction plough
  13. The intrinsically safe type electrical apparatus “J”, to reduce energy.
  14. Positive pressure type electrical equipment “P”, belongs to the type not detonate
  15. Oil-filled electrical equipment “0”, belongs to the type not detonate
  16. Explosion-proof electrical equipment category, grade and temperature group
  17. Explosion-proof electrical equipment category: explosion-proof electrical equipment is divided into two categories: 1 – mine electrical equipment; 2 for plant electrical equipment. Explosion proof hoist crane electrical equipment belong to the 2 class factory electrical equipment.
  18. 2 class level of explosion-proof electrical equipment: according to its biggest test is suitable for explosive gas mixture security clearance or minimum ignition current score for a, b, c level 3.
  19. Two kinds of electric equipment temperature classes: the highest temperature according to the electrical equipment into 1-6 groups.
  20. Explosion-proof marks

For explosion-proof hoist crane main electrical equipment enclosure obviously, must set clear permanent pique marks the EX, small electrical equipment can be used sign riveted on the shell, indented marks may be adopted.

n the main of explosion-proof electrical equipment enclosure obviously, must set the nameplate, and reliable fixation. Nameplate shall include the following main contents.

  1. There are obvious signs of EX above the right plate
  2. Explosion proof mark, and sequentially indicate the explosion-proof type, category, level, temperature group mark
  3. Explosion-proof certificate No.
  4. The scope of explosion-proof hoist crane

Explosion proof hoist (explosion-proof electric hoist crane) applicable to spread burst capability is not higher than D, B, c, Ignition temperature group is not lower than T4 group of combustible gas or steam and air to form explosive mixture of places, the ambient temperature is -20-40℃. At the same time, C is also suitable for crane with explosive dust 10,11 and ignition temperature classes for 11,12 area, but in use frequently clear the dust layer stacking equipment shell surface, avoid the dust layer is too thick to produce smoldering danger.

This product is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises with good ventilation in the workshop, according to different level of explosion-proof and applicable temperature classes is the combustible gas, steam, and air to form explosive gas mixtures.

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