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Gantry crane safe operation

Gantry crane construction need master the technology of safe operation

Engineering crane

First, the gantry crane track foundation carrying capacity should meet the safety requirements.

Second, the longitudinal slope of the gantry can not be greater than 1%, the horizontal error between the two tracks does not exceed 1% of the distance, the absolute value of not more than 6mm.

Third, the operator should be from the ladder up and down the operating room, power outages or mechanical failure and other special circumstances allowed to take security measures from top to bottom after it. Before the switch, the controller should be transferred to zero, the operating room should be pad wood and rubber pad.

Fourth, before the start and run-time safety Note:

1, check the track and the ground and the scope of operation whether there are people or obstacles, and check the lifting height and travel limit switch is sensitive. Before the start, the first bell to indicate.

2, lifting objects to slow the slow release, to prohibit Mengqi dropping, should be slow first to tighten the wire rope, and then use the normal speed lifting, hanging large pieces are not allowed to use fast.

3, hanging objects to run over the safety channel, not allowed from the people and machinery and equipment through the above, such as no safety channel, and must be in the place where people should be the first bell to indicate, wait for people to escape and then pass.

4, lifting large objects, the first heavy load must be moved to the safe passage over, and then run.

5, the process of running, not a sudden speed or suddenly open the reversing, so as not to hang pieces swing, nor at the same time to start two or more (including the deputy hook) operating mechanism to ensure safety.

6, the operator drove, the hand may not leave the controller, running on the way, people may not leave the operating room. In operation, such as a sudden failure, in addition to take measures to safely landing heavy objects, but also cut off the power to repair.

Fifth, we must always check the wire rope joints and wire rope and the junction of the card with a solid situation, the rope should be arranged in the reel on the neatly, to the end of the reel should be retained on the reel more than three laps to prevent the end of the loose, Wear or corrosion should replace the new rope.

Six, the crane on the sidewalk and other components (parts), are not allowed to stack parts and tools to prevent the fall in the running wounding, commonly used tools should be placed in a dedicated box.

Seven, the safety channel is prohibited to stack all kinds of material objects.

Eight, all kinds of limit switches and other safety devices, in addition to maintenance, are not allowed to dismantle and closed. If these devices are faulty, they should be repaired and then run and can not be parked with the limit switch.

Nine, with two cranes with a heavy lifting, should develop safety measures, unified command, the two movements should be coordinated with. The weight of the object shall not exceed 75% of the weight allowed by the two machines and the individual load shall not exceed 80% of the allowable weight.

ten, after the work is completed, the hook should be elevated track and the middle of the ground, the sports car on the middle of the two tracks. After get off work should be cut off the power, and the mechanical operation to pay close to the crew.

Eleven, gantry crane on the track and its two meters within one meter, prohibit the placement of anything. Gantry, bridge crane in the run prohibit the track inside and outside the meter within a range of any maintenance work.

twelve, in case of heavy rain and six or more winds, must stop working, and the track clamp to lock the track, to prevent the wind blowing away.

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