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Electric Hoist Lifting

The Introduction of Electric Hoist Lifting Height and Lifting Speed

CD Model Electric Hoists

Electric Hoist Lifting height:

electric hoist as a lifting tool, the height will have strict requirements to improve. So the time of purchase, should be the first choice,according to the height of the height of the lifting weight you plant height, 6,9,12,18,24,30m regular promotion, special occasions can be non-standard design according to user requirements.

Electric Hoist Lifting speed:

general electric hoist lifting speed is divided into single speed and double speed (8m/min) (8/0.8m/min) two, in general no special requirements of the situation often choose single speed electric hoist (CD1 type), such as your condition, accurate positioning of lifting process conditions, easy to use two speed electric hoist (MD1 type), under normal circumstances, the lifting speed decided your work efficiency is more high speed electric hoist, more can improve your efficiency. Micro electric hoist is the same.

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