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European cranes

What are the advantages of European cranes?

The existing work space of the plant space is larger, the layout of the workshop more flexible. Lower height of the railway, the use of plant space. Limit the interval between the two sides are short and have a larger work layout. Automatic braking system with automatic compensating wear.

Europen Overhead Crane


The new plant can be designed to be smaller and more complete. Hoisting steel wire rope coil, a small deflection, so as to prevent wear. Suspension of the controller’s LCD display function and safety control system for interactive communication from time to time display the weight of the promotion project at the same time. Easy to operate for a lot of ergonomic hanging controller running crane.

Europen Gantry Crane

European gantry crane

Anti-shake technology, to achieve high-precision position promotion project. 1: 1 speed range to ensure that the crane is running chaos, reducing the impact on the plant. Continental cranes use frequency conversion technology, low load operation and light load high speed. Improve the electronic control system, PLC automatic test system and friendly man-machine interface and crane running state of the calculation and measurement, monitoring, so that material transport more convenient and safer.

Small space can be used very effectively using plant space. You can also use the wireless remote control system (including buttons and joysticks) to provide the best solution for running the harsh and complex environment under the control of European cranes. The lifting mechanism has a separate air cooling system for the thermal protection function of the motor, the degree of protection IP54. There are many safe and reliable, including linkage maintenance, overload protection, zero sequence maintenance and limit protection in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the crane.

European cranes are required to maintain the various agencies, when the brake to be checked to adjust the brake shoe and brake wheel clearance, if there is dirt must be washed off.

Second, in the daily maintenance to pay attention to the various parts of the connection parts of the phenomenon of non-clogging, and not loose, in particular, pay attention to the stability of the bolt, there is all the connection axis must have a pin, and need to open full.

Continental cranes are a very practical and very convenient crane, but in the use of the process need to pay attention to a lot of places, in the daily time must pay attention to the maintenance of the machine, so its maintenance is also very important, there is no accurate Maintenance will reduce its life.

European crane maintenance there is a very important one is the gantry crane lubrication, due to the European-Chongqing crane lubrication directly affects the normal operation of European cranes and work efficiency. In the detailed lubrication to be regularly checked and the use of appropriate lubricants, and in the lubrication before each lubrication point to be lubricated to be cleaned.

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