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Electric hoist installation

Electric hoist installation before use inspection knowledge


Check before installation

1) Check the transport for damage.

2) Ensure that all fasteners and connectors are connected reliably.

3) to ensure that the rated working load and the next hook, test certificate, hanging pieces in line

4) Check the external wiring is safe and no damage.

5) Check the lifting chain is safe and no damage.

Assembly Box Installation (DANGER)

Set the box in the gourd before the normal use must be installed and not free to change.

1) Connect the box with the special bolt.

2) Evenly and neatly into the chain box into the chain.

3) to prevent the lifting chain in the chain box is bundled into a bundle, which will lead to gourd can not work properly.

4) in the dust and easy to enter the occasion of foreign work, the chain box chain and the chain must be periodically cleaned.


1) Lubricate the lifting chain with oil or gear oil before use.

2) When disassembling the associated gear unit, always replace the oil or grease in the gearbox.

3) When removing the electric trolley, add heavy grease to the gear

Circuit breaker

1) A circuit breaker must be installed.

2) The circuit breaker must be dedicated, independent of the other parts.

3) Select a circuit breaker with sufficient capacity.

Suspension connection

Make sure there is enough space between the hooks and rings to facilitate proper installation.

power supply

1) with 380 volts power supply, 1.5mm2 main cable. Special power supplies can be ordered from the factory. Voltage, frequency, etc., are marked on the motor nameplate. Be sure to match them before switching on the power supply.

2) Must be equipped with fuse-type disconnector.

3) For the hoist to run, you must ensure that the right path in the appropriate power supply.

4) When the electric hoist running direction and the direction of the flashlight connection point in the opposite direction, please exchange any two power cord connection location.

Connect the main power supply

1) Connect the disconnector / main power supply before connecting the relevant cable.

2) Connect the three-phase power supply to the disconnector and connect the earth terminal.

3) Stripped cable insulation shell, connect the contacts and tighten.

4) Lock the cable grommets.

Check before use

Before the hoist is put into use, the following checks must be carried out:

1) Turn off the power.

2) Check the safety of the suspension points.

3) Ensure that all mechanical and electrical connections are secured and secured.

4) Ensure that the lifting chain is clean, lubricated, not tied / wrapped.

Trial operation

1) Turn on the power.

2) Operation of the hoist in the no-load state for the whole run, check the smooth running gourd, to ensure that the direction of operation and flashlight arrows in the same direction, otherwise, open the flashlight to change the connection or high-speed three-phase sequence.

3) run the gourd first and lower limit position, detection limit switch is working party.

4) Check the clutch slip under safe load conditions, the clutch has been set at the factory, not free to adjust.

5) The brake descent is detected by raising the load in a short distance (the allowable descent amount under the safe load condition is 8 mm).

6) For the running hoist, to ensure that the entire process of running with the appropriate gap.

7) For electric trolley, when releasing the control button, make sure the trolley is well braked.

8) Install chain box.

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