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How To Combine The Bridge Crane

How To Combine The Bridge Crane


Bridge crane is mainly divided into single girder bridge crane, double girder cranes, today mainly introduce about double girder crane bridge structure, double girder bridge crane for the dual track structure, the two main girder, 4 side girders, two connecting rod, trolley track device and affiliated institutions.

The main girder is a wide flange rail box girder, in the middle of the main girder set up electrical room, place all electrical control equipment, electrical room at both ends of the sealing door, electrical indoor side, low and both ends of the set thermal insulation sandwich, Thermal material to reduce external thermal effects. Electrical room at both ends of the installation of a set of air-conditioning system, in the main girder above the laying of the trolley track, get off the track layout in the outer side of the main girder. The end girder and the main girder welded together, trolley track arranged outside the main girder. End girders and the main girder line street, for the convenience of transport, the end girder is divided into two sections, the use of high-strength bolted connection , With the connection between girder rod through the pin shaft coupling , By adjusting the distance between the two wheels and the wheel track, so that each wheel suffered wheel pressure are equal, this arrangement is characterized by bridge crane width, wheelbase, not only to meet the bridge Crane stability requirements, and to meet the old plant, to withstand the small wheel pressure requirements.


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