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Electric Hoist Gantry Crane

The advantages of electric hoist gantry crane

single girder gantry crane

Electric hoist gantry crane is widely used to outdoor and indoor that the crane isn’t installed, the utility model has the advantages of economy, practicality, low cost and convenient operation. The utility model is an ideal choice for outdoor light lifting operations. Such as: MHB electric hoist gantry crane and MHE electric hoist gantry crane. MH electric hoist (1)

With the continuous development of the crane, the derived specifications of this crane. Such as: MHB type electric hoist semi gantry crane and MHE type electric hoist gantry crane. The scope of application: MH type 1-10 tons as a standard to choose MH type electric hoist gantry crane (2)

MHE type electric hoist gantry crane is along with the development of pipe pile and appear a new type of crane, Because it has two sets of lifting mechanism, The utility model is especially suitable for transporting pipe fittings and long objects, Scope of application: MHE type is generally 3+3,5+5 tons, can be produced according to customer demand to 10+10 tons.

Classification of crane and characteristics of hoist crane

The crane used in the bridge construction, according to its structure and performance of different, generally can be divided into light lifting equipment, bridge crane and arm crane three categories. Light lifting equipment, such as: Jack, pneumatic hoist, electric hoist, balance hoist (also known as the balance crane), winch, etc. Bridge crane, such as beam crane, gantry crane. In a certain range of vertical lifting and horizontal handling of heavy lifting machinery. Belongs to the material handling machinery. Crane’s work is to do intermittent movement, that is, in a working cycle of the material, migration, unloading and other movements of the corresponding agencies are working alternately.

Characteristics of hoist crane;

As an important branch of bridge gantry crane, it has become a unique crane system, a large amount and wide range, the electric hoist as the hoisting mechanism of the crane is referred to as hoist crane, has been recognized by the world.

In our country, the hoist crane with two main girders is called bridge crane, The hanging electric hoist a main girder crane called beam crane, this name is a habit, not very scientific, Not connected with the world. Just like the name of the single and double beam Industry Association is not rigorous, known as hoist crane industry association is more accurate.

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