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Electric Hoist Reducer

Key Points for Safety Inspection of Wire Rope Electric Hoist Reducer

composition of electric hoist

1, often check the anchor bolts, to avoid loosening, falling off and breaking.

2, check the reducer box every day, especially the bearing at the heat can not exceed the allowable temperature rise. If the temperature exceeds the surrounding air. When the gas temperature reach 40 ℃, check Whether or not the bearing is damaged, whether the lack of grease, load time is too long, Whether or not the phenomenon of clamping.

3, check the lubrication site. Wire rope electric hoist early use, the quarter for a lubricant, after the degree of cleaning according to the oil six months to once a year. Lubricants may not leak, but the oil should be moderate.

4, listen to the gear meshing sound. Under normal conditions, the sound is uniform and light, the noise does not exceed 85dB (A). When the noise is high or there is an abnormal impact, check the shaft and gear for damage.

5, with a magnetic or ultrasonic flaw detector to check the gear box shaft, found that the cracks should be replaced.

6, electric hoist shell shall not have deformation, cracking phenomenon.

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