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Safe Electric Hoist

Methods of Improving the Safe Use Efficiency of Electric Hoist


First, During installation, commissioning and maintenance, It is necessary to check whether the device is flexible and reliable, when the hook rose to the upper limit position, the hook shell to the reel shell interval must be greater than 50mm.

Second, in use, absolutely prohibited in an unsafe environment, or exceed the rated load and the number of rated closing hours per hour use.

Third, the new installation or dismantling after the installation of the electric hoist, the first should be empty test run several times. But before the installed end, should not power test.

Fourth, in normal use should be static load test, and check whether the normal.

Fifth, adjust the amount of brake hoist brake, should ensure that under the rated load, the amount of brake down.

Sixth, after the work must be the power of the total gate pull, plug the power supply.

Seventh, do not agree to press the two electric hoist in the opposite direction to move the flashlight button. (10t, 16t, 20t must be greater than 120mm). When the hook down to the lower limit position, should ensure that the drum on the wire rope safety ring, the effective safety circle must be more than 2 laps

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