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electric control hoist

The reason why the electric hoist uncontrolled by switch control

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Electric hoist at work sometimes meet the use of control switch does not reflect the emergence of this situation is why? What is the analysis? This situation is generally because the electric hoist is not connected to the rated working voltage, so no electric hoist at work sometimes meet Use the control switch does not reflect, this situation in the end is why? What is the analysis? This situation is generally because the electric hoist is not connected to the rated working voltage, which can not work properly, the electric hoist does not charge control switch control reasons are as follows:

1, whether the power supply system is powered by electric hoist power supply. The general situation is through the pen test, such as useless power to wait after the operation in the work!

2, electric hoist main, control the electrical damage to the circuit, the line is broken or bad contact situation, but also make electric hoist motor can not power, if this happens, the need to repair the main control circuit, in the maintenance of the time in order to prevent the main , Control loop to the three-phase motor. The following are the same as the ”

3, electric hoist motor terminal voltage than the rated voltage is less than 10%, the motor starting torque is too small, so that hoist lifting the goods, and can not work, check, with a multimeter or voltmeter to measure the motor input voltage, The voltage is too low, so that the motor can not start, need to wait for the system voltage to return to normal after the use of electric hoist. Sometimes, the electric hoist motor voltage is normal, and the electric hoist is not working, which need to consider other reasons, such as: the motor was burned, maintenance need to replace the motor; electric hoist for a long time do not, poor maintenance and other reasons the brake wheel and the end cap Rust, start the brake wheel can not be opened, the motor only issued a “hum” sound, turn not up, gourd can not work. At this time, should remove the brake wheel, cleaning the rust surface, and then re-test; motor serious sweep chamber, will make the motor does not turn, found that this situation should stop using, must be overhaul or replace the motor to ensure that the gourd normal jobs.

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