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single girder wire rope crane

Recommended selection principle of single girder wire rope crane


The choice of the steel wire rope of the single girder crane is correct or not, which directly affects the service life of the rope, and causes the structure deformation, fracture and accidental failure of the rope.

Therefore recommend the following principles:

1)When the lifting of a non – guided weight or at a higher altitude for several times without lifting weights, the use of non rotating wire rope.

2) When a guide weight lifting or at a small height for a number of guided heavy lift (train) or left-handed and right-handed rope used in pairs, the use of ordinary steel wire rope.

The direction of the wire rope should be followed: the right rope trough of the drum is recommended to use the left wire rope: on the other hand, the rope should be the use of straight wire rope. For a single wound, non rotating steel wire rope, the above principles must be strictly observed. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the permanent deformation of the wire rope structure. For the case of multilayer winding, the rotation direction of the rope is decided by the direction of the rope groove, so as to lay a good foundation for the next layer.

Single-girder crane multi-layer winding drum friction between wire rope and extrusion are larger, easy to produce rope winding phenomenon, so should be used slightly smaller than the diameter of the rope groove and rope groove diameter wire rope, to increase the contact area between the wire rope and the roll, to reduce the friction between adjacent wire rope, thereby enhancing the life of the rope. Practice has proved that the diameter of the wire rope than the groove pitch 1% smaller, contribute to the tight row of rope, effectively eliminate the climb rope, rope winding phenomenon.

Under the same diameter, the number of the outer strands of the single girder crane is larger and the diameter is smaller, the flexibility of this wire rope is good, The utility model can well overcome the reverse bending force when the steel wire rope is repeatedly moved in and out of the drum. The thicker the outer strand, the steel wire is thicker, it can better resist wear, mechanical damage, corrosion and extrusion pressure, therefore, only the two advantages of a good combination, is the real high performance steel wire rope.

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