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BZD jib crane

The installation step of BZD jib crane

BZD jib crane

Before the installation, should check the product according to the packing list and technical documents, Whether the lack or loss. Rotary arm beam bending and torsion deformation, shaft corrosion caused by transportation, should be corrected or damage reduction. Every six months to the rotation of shaft, bearings and other parts for cleaning, lubrication.

  1. Install the column, should make the column and ground keep vertical. Skirting screws should be tightened firmly, can not have loose phenomenon. The base plate and foundation to fit well. If it is equipped with electric hoist infrastructure should be embedded cable and earthing, Embedded cable from the base center, grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 ohms.
  2. Arm beam installation
  3. The beam will be lifted horizontally.
  4. Connect the rotary device and slewing beam, installation speed reducer
  5. Install electric hoist in the slewing beam orbit and walking trolley
  6. In the beam top mounted C rail. C rail with self-made sliding trolley, and the electrical control box and electric hoist chain on the same side.
  7. All electrical connection installation on beam, And have the appropriate power line length. C type track small pulley and cable are tied tie wire fixation.

The above steps have been completed, can carry out integral hoisting arm beam.

After lifting hoisting according to specified method to lift, The bearing hole at the top of the upright shaft alignment, The wheel stopped slowly in the column of the raceway. Adjust the appropriate position, through the side hole of the upper column, Use the washer and a round nut and nut washer shaft fixed. Then collector ring with one hand hold, through the upper side of the column hole, set on the beam axis.

Then, the beam hole wire connected with and the collector terminal  ring. And the carbon brush connect with a power switch wire at the bottom of the column . Finally, the carbon brush rack fixed on the inner wall of the column. Adjust the slider to maintain good contact with the copper ring electric rings respectively. Switch on the power, can run.

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