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workshop overhead crane

Safety knowledge of single beam overhead crane in workshop

5 Ton overhead crane

1, where the purchase, installation, introduction, special equipment technological transformation must comply with relevant state quality and technical supervision, safety and health standard, especially for the dangerous lifting machinery selection and procurement to the prior consent of the safety, equipment department approval.

2, the purchase of the crane in the factory, go through the local municipal quality and technical supervision departments of safety and technical inspection, and obtain “crane safety technical supervision and verification certificate” after the random issue.

3, the lifting of the installation of the unit to obtain a qualification certificate, the installation staff to have an operation permit, induction card can only be engaged in the installation of lifting machinery and submitted to the higher security, equipment department review the record.

4, the overhead crane before the trial operation, the installation unit must first self-test, and fill out the self-test report, pay the receiving unit after the acceptance of qualified (should have a complete record), by the higher competent safety, equipment department testing, acceptance Can put into trial operation.

5, the formal acceptance must be in charge of technology, safety, equipment sector regulations and labor protection “three simultaneous” management standards required to implement.

6, to strengthen the management of the crane. Conscientiously implement the crane management system and safety inspection system, do a good job of regular inspection of the crane, maintenance, maintenance, timely elimination of hidden dangers, so that the crane is always in good working condition.

7, In order to strengthen the crane operator’s education and training, strict implementation of safe operating procedures, improve operational skills and ability to deal with emergencies.

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