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boats handling machine

300 tons of boats handling machine acceptance ceremony was successfully held on December 19 morning, exports of 300 tons of Iran’s boats handling machine acceptance ceremony was successfully held in new koren company production site, the Iranian side company general manager Mr. Armani and his team and new Long Hongxin koren company chairman, team members and some new koren employee representatives to participate in the ceremony.


300 t boats handling machine acceptance ceremony scene
Ceremony, new koren company chairman Long Hongxin to Iran the arrival of Mr Mr Armani’s warm welcome.And said, the last visit, Mr. Armani, general manager of a line of our products are very valuable Suggestions are put forward, both sides have reached consensus on the many positive and constructive.In the next few days, new koren company departments and related personnel, will go all out to give the best quality products to our clients.
At the same time, Long Hongxin said, thank you very much for Iran guests to new koren support and trust.All along, the new koren company is the professional technology, high quality products and warm service to win customers, new koren next year will continue to improve the boats crane series products, product specifications covered from 50 t to 600 t, to provide customers with more choices, develop a broader market.Hope in the near future, we will have more cooperation projects, and achieve more benefit win-win and common development, and also wish the company’s cooperation in the friendship be everlasting!
Later, the Iranian side company general manager Mr. Mr Qimani delivered a speech.He said, I’m very glad to come to China again, came to New York koren company.After some time ago, the two sides in the company, the joint efforts of the cooperation project of 300 t boats handling machine finishing, wish the final acceptance and on-site test a complete success.Hope to the cooperation opportunity, for later to lay a solid foundation for a more long-term cooperation, also hope that the new koren company can make more meet the demand of Iran’s high quality cranes, such as all kinds of port crane and different specifications of the boats carrying machine etc.
In the end, both companies in Iraq leaders took photos at the scene of the acceptance.
The project is completed, marks a new koren company in the field of boats handling machine design and manufacturing capabilities to further perfect, to new koren company continue to adhere to product differentiation, diversification is of great significance to the development of China more of Iraq has landmark meaning to long-term friendly cooperation in the future.

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