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Europe Type Overhead Crane

The benefits of Europe type Overhead crane

Europe type Overhead crane is suitable for various types and planning of the company, to end all kinds of different materials of air transport, particularly suitable for small workshop.

Europe type Overhead crane use modular, all the components use standardized parts, can be the same as with blocks combined into new crane, and equipment is simple, can also according to the modification of the plant or the change of the processing technology, From the beginning changed new crane
Europe type Overhead crane is light weight, friction between the pulley and the trajectory is small, easy to operate, can be easily moved with the hand, can send the transfer very quickly that don’t easily heavy artifacts.System is to supply you with Europe type electric hoist, hoist drive device, electrical control equipment and supporting system, guarantee system operation life is long, trouble-free, without protection
Europe type Overhead crane four types: Low headroom electric suspension crane, HD type electric single grider overhead crane, NLH type overhead traveling crane with electric hoist, BMHN type electric hoist semi-gantry crane.

electric-single-grider-overhead-crane overhead-traveling-crane-with-electric-hoist

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