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The future development of wire rope electric hoist in structure

CD electric hoist

In china, wire rope electric hoist as lifting equipment of high quality, still have a lot of defects. These defects will also be a little bit of improvement with the product iteration. The structure should be able to meet a variety of working conditions, the future of China’s electric wire rope hoist design structure should be able to meet the needs of a variety of working conditions, so that it can achieve reasonable use. To increase the electrical protection measures, the future of China’s electric wire rope hoist should be increased in the design and manufacture of electrical protection measures, in addition to the upper and lower limits of protection, but also increase the overload protection, wrong phase, lack of phase, pressure loss protection. The shape design adopts the square structure. The future of the Chinese steel wire rope electric hoist should be in the form of square structure, Modular design, increase parts commonality and arrangement from the form of motor, intermediate shaft, gear reducer, drum, instead of the motor, reducer, drum arrangement. In this way, can effectively improve the wire rope electric hoist lifting height, and can avoid the long axis of the high-speed shaft transmission. can improve the stability and reliability in operation and reduce the cost of manufacture. At the same time, it should also increase the range of pulley rate, improve the use of single machine. Optimization of the design China’s steel wire rope electric hoist in the future design and manufacture should optimize the gear design to improve the bearing capacity of the gear. Gear can use 40 cr or 42 CRMN, 40 MNB material, Conditioning and surface hardening treatment or nitride, The original 20 crmnti or 20 mntib material, Although the bending strength and contact strength of the gear is ideal, However, due to the influence of the basic processing level, the precision of gear machining is low, and it is difficult to control the deformation, No grinding technology, There are many disadvantages such as large gear noise and low efficiency.

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