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Gantry crane operating procedures

Introduction of gantry crane operating procedures


Gantry crane operating procedures

1, before driving should carefully check the mechanical equipment, electrical parts and protective equipment is intact and reliable. If the controller, brake, limiter, bell, emergency switch and other major accessories failure, is strictly prohibited lifting.

2, you must follow the signal commander, but any person issued an emergency stop signal, should immediately stop.

3, the driver must confirm the command signal before the operation, driving should be the first bell.

4, when close to the winch limiter, the size of the car near the terminal or meet with the nearest traffic, the speed should be slow. Do not use the reverse instead of the brake, the stopper instead of the parking switch, emergency switch instead of the ordinary switch.

5, should be in the provisions of the safety walkway, dedicated platform or escalator walking and up and down. Trains on both sides of the track in addition to maintenance are not allowed to walk. Car track is strictly prohibited to walk. Not from a crane to another crane.

6, work stop, shall not be suspended in the air suspended. In operation, the ground is someone or drop the hanging pieces should be warning. It is forbidden to cross over the head. The lifting object is not too high from the ground.

Seven, two bridge hanging at the same time lifting an object, to listen to the command, the same pace.

8, running, bridge crane and bridge between the hanging to maintain a certain distance.

9, repair bridge crane should be in a safe place, cut off the power, put on the “ban and gate” warning signs. The ground to set up a fence, and linked to “prohibited traffic” logo.

10, heavy tonnage objects when lifting, should first slightly off the test hanging, to confirm hanging stable, good braking, and then increased, slow operation. Not allowed to operate three control handles at the same time.

11, bridge crane operation, is strictly prohibited from top to bottom. Also not in the run-time maintenance and adjustment.

Twelve, running a sudden power failure, the switch handle must be placed “0” bit. Lifting parts are not put down or the lock is not decoupled, are not allowed to leave the cab.

Thirteen, the operation due to a sudden failure caused by hanging pieces down, you must take urgent measures to land without landing.

14, open-air bridge in case of storms, lightning or more than six winds should stop working, cut off the power, the wheel before and after the match pad stuck.

15, night work should be adequate lighting.

16, gantry crane in addition to the implementation of the above provisions, the driving should also pay attention to whether there are obstacles on the track; lifting high objects obstruct the line of sight should be set on both sides to monitor and command.

17, the driver must seriously do “ten hanging”.

1, more than the rated load is not hanging;

2, the command signal is unknown, the weight is unknown, the light is not hanging;

3, hanging rope and accessories tied is not strong, do not meet the safety rules do not hang;

4, bridge crane hanging heavy weight directly processing is not hanging,

5, crooked pull off hanging;

6, the work piece on the station or the work piece floating on a live animal does not hang;

7, oxygen cylinders, acetylene generator and other explosive goods do not hang;

8, with edges and corners of the gap is not good hanging;

9, buried in the underground objects do not hang;

10, liquid or fluid filled with full hanging.

18, the work is completed, the bridge crane should be stopped in the specified position, raise the hook, car to the track at both ends, and the control handle placed “0” bit, cut off the power.

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