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Wire rope hoist construction

Crane machinery main force includes lifting mechanism, running car, the main beam and other parts. Different parts of the crane forces are also different, the following are help to understand the composition of the force and the working principle:

The frame of electric hoist:



The lifting mechanism

Wire Rope Hoist mechanism by the motor, reducer, drum wire rope and pulley group composed of several parts. motor for the lifting mechanism to provide power support, is the power source of the whole lifting mechanism. Reducer is able to reduce the speed of the motor, making the hoisting mechanism to maintain smooth operation, will not appear too fast too much. Reel can make the rope scale in order, can be around, release wire rope

When the lifting mechanism work, the motor through the gear to convey the power, by the reducer low-speed shaft to wire rope in the roll out or shrink in, through the pulley group, driven lifting mechanism for lifting operation. Lifting mechanism is determined by the motor running direction, with the help of the ratchet stop can be achieved on the motor to stop control.

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