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Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Installation steps of Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Low Headroom Electric Hoist

The Wire Rope Electric Hoist installation includes two steps: track installation and Wire Rope Electric Hoist installation:

Track installation: track connection with 45 degrees joint, and answer the groove, before welding, carefully clean the groove and vicinity of oil, rust and cutting to stay behind the slag. Leave the gap between 2mm and pull the wire to ensure that the two tracks of the docking line within 5mm, spot welding fixed. When welding, weld the bottom of the track first, then weld the top of the track, then weld the waist of the track. After welding, check the straightness again. After grinding according to the requirement, make sure the running position of the Wire Rope Electric Hoist is smooth.

Before the track is installed, check and adjust the end face of the rail, straightness and distortion, and can be installed after qualified. Determine the installation datum of orbit. The actual center of track line to install line horizontal position deviation should not be greater than 3 mm. Rail connection using the welding, welding rod should comply with the requirements of the rail. The welding quality shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the electric welding, the joint top and side welds shall be polished and leveled. The constant surface slope of the i-steel rail should not be greater than one percent of the track width.

Installation of Wire Rope Electric Hoist: adjust the washer with adjustment when installing, the gap between the inside of the wheel rim of the Wire Rope Electric Hoist and the flange of the I-beam rail shall be 2-4mm. In order to ensure the Wire Rope Electric Hoist to both ends not derailed or prevent touch bad body, a rubber block is provided at both ends of the rail. All electrical equipment power circuit and control circuit of resistance should not be less than every v working voltage 1000 ohms.

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