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wire rope crane

How to deal with the damage of crane wire rope under special circumstances

About crane wire rope damage analysis, there are the following points, here to tell you that it is good for you. Properly designed and maintained crane shall have a reasonable service life of the wire rope, but the wire rope may be prematurely damaged due to excessive wear and corrosion. Proper lubrication of wire rope can solve the problem. The rope may also be due to mechanical or structural damage and premature retirement, then only the improvement of the crane and the wire rope structure and used to work. The paper describes the mechanism of wire rope bending fatigue, and then analysis the spiral multi-layer winding drum so that the wire rope to self compaction and wear, illustrates the influence of wire rope diameter tolerance, put forward on the assumption of improvement, finally concentrated to find solutions from the wire rope itself.

Between the steel wire rope in winding rope each grinding have notches, lead to premature damage. Rope wire rope wire rope outside more closely each other produce scored less. So it is necessary to solve the problem by making a circular section of the 6 – or 8 – section steel wire. The test results show that the service life of the steel wire rope with a circular cross-section can be increased by 2 times.

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