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types of gantry cranes

Four types of gantry cranes

1.General gantry crane:


This crane is the most widely used, can handle a variety of pieces of goods and bulk materials,the weight below 100 tons, the span of 4 to 35 meters. General gantry crane with grapple work level is higher.
2.Hydropower gantry crane:

Double Track gantry crane

mainly used for lifting and opening closing gates, but also for installation operations.Lifting capacity of 80 to 500 tons, a smaller span, 8 to 16 meters; lifting speed is low, 1 to 5 m / min. Although this crane is not often lifting, but once the use of work is very heavy, it is necessary to properly improve the work level.
3.Shipbuilding gantry crane:


for the ship’s hull assembly, standing with two lifting trolley:One with two main hooks, running on the rails of the bridge flange;From the weight is generally 100 to 1500 tons; span of 185 meters;Lifting speed of 2 to 15 m / min, there are 0.1 to 0.5 m / min fretting speed.
4.Container gantry crane:


for container terminals. Trailer The container unloading container from the ship to the yard or rear, by the container gantry crane stacking or direct loading, can speed up the container carrying bridge or other crane turnover.
Stackable high 3 to 4 layers, 6 rows wide container yard, generally with the tire type, but also useful rail type. Container gantry crane compared with the container straddle, its span and mast height on both sides are large.
In order to meet the transport needs of the port terminal, the crane’s work level is higher.Lifting speed of 8 to 10 m / min,The span is determined by the number of container rows that need to be crossed,A maximum of about 60 meters corresponds to 20-foot, 30-foot, 40-foot long containers weighing approximately 20 tons, 25 tons and 30 tons respectively.
5.Carrying bridge crane:

Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane
By the gantry crane to expand the span to the development a bridge crane, also known as loading and unloading bridge. For open storage yard, ports and railway cargo terminals.The general carrier bridge is similar in structure to the large gantry crane.
Features are: (1) mainly for bulk material handling object② large span, generally 30 meters or more, and some up to 170 meters; ③ frequent operations, high productivity, generally 500 to 1500 tons / hour, high speed, lifting speed of 60 to 70 m / min, Speed of 100 ~ 350 m / min, the higher the level of work.
④The operating mechanism of the bridge is only used to adjust the working position, and it is a non-working organization. When the span is large, the bridge of the carrier bridge is supported on a rigid leg and a flexible leg.Bridge and two legs can be bolted; and flexible legs can also be connected through the ball hinge or column hinge,So that the flexible leg can be deflected to a certain extent relative to the bridge.The bridge consists of a trussed beam that runs on the track of its upper or lower chord.Some have rotary boom, be equivalent to a frame running in bridge crane boom type.

The container-carrying bridge, which runs on the shore of the harbor, is a special structure of large cranes,Dedicated to the ship’s container handling work.
Both sides are generally rigid outrigger, forming a solid mast which is supported on an upper frame integral with the gantry crane.Trolley with a container spreader (see the straddle car) running on the bridge. Long cantilevers extending towards the sea are usually pitchable. Non-operating state, the cantilever can be hoisted at 80 ° ~ 85 ° elevation.So that the bridge over the ship to the highest point. Operation cantilever flat. Some cantilevers are also fixed.

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