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Trolley Hoist

What is the wire rope material on Trolley Hoist Crane?

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Usually, the wire rope used on a Trolley Hoist Crane is made of high strength steel wire. Wire a piece of wire, wire a part of the wire, wire rope around the core, and finally make a wire rope. Some foreign wire rope products, in its internal have a through special processing of the plastic core, can reduce friction, reduce wear and tear, can help to extend the service life of wire rope and improve reliability.

Domestic steel wire rope products, inside the steel wire rope wire core material is usually added by organic matter and metal, asbestos core is one of the three, in order to reduce friction, will also add some lubricant. In accordance with the different winding method, the steel rope can be divided into two kinds of around the rope and Pay the rope. According to the twist of the strand, it can be divided into two types: Left, right concurrent twist and left and right interaction both.

When used, if a wire rope is used alone, the wire rope will often rotate in the opposite direction. In conjunction with the use of the pulley group, it also occurs because of the spinning of the wire rope, which is commonly called the heave. The relatively good non – rotating wire rope is also made using this principle. In this kind of wire rope, the rotatory direction of the rope and the rope itself is the opposite. The moment of use is the same, the torque is the same, the direction is opposite and cancels each other.

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