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The Specification Of Electric Hoist

The Specification Of Electric Hoist

1 A new installation or the electric wire rope hoist overhauled after installation, should first be empty test run several times. But before the installation completed, avoid power test.

2 In normal use should be carried out under the rated load of 125%, up from the ground about 100 mm, static load test for 10 minutes, and check whether it is normal

3 The dynamic load test is to test the mechanical transmission part, the electrical part and the hoisting chain connection part is normal and reliable with the rated load weight

4 In using, does not allow the absolute prohibition on the environment, exceed the rated load and rated closing times per hour (120) to use .

5 Installation and maintenance, must strictly check the limit device is flexible and reliable, when a hook rises to an upper limit position, the hook shell to the drum shell distance must be greater than 50mm (10t, 16t, 20t must be greater than 120mm). When the hook to lower limit position, should guarantee the safety of steel wire rope on the drum circle, effective safety must be in more than 2 laps.

The drawing of electric hoist:


6 Not allowed to press the two the electric wire rope hoist movement in the opposite direction of the switch button.

7 After the completion of the work must be pull off the total brake power supply

8 Wire rope electric hoist should be manipulated by the person, the operator should be fully grasp the safety operation rules, strictly prohibited crooked oblique hanging

9 Need the specialized personnel to carry on the inspection to the steel wire rope electric hoist regularly, discovered the breakdown and take  measure promptly, and carefully records

10 Wire rope electric hoist brake slide amount, should ensure that the rated load, brake glide quantity S (V = V/100 for stable load in the next minute lifting distance).

11 Wire rope scrapping standards: wire rope inspection and scrapping standards according to CB / T5972-1986 “hoisting rope electric hoist mechanical wire rope inspection and scrapping practical norms” implementation.

12 Wire rope electric hoist in useing must maintain adequate lubrication, and keep the oil clean, should not contain impurities and dirt.

13 Wire rope oil should use a hard brush or small pieces of wood, Prohibited by hand directly to the working rope oil.

When the wire rope electric hoist does not work, the weight is not allowed to be suspended in the air to prevent the permanent deformation of the parts.

14 In the process of use, if the fault is found, the main power supply should be cut off immediately

16 should pay special attention to the use of wearing parts.

17 10 ~ 20 tons of gourd in continuous operation for a long time, there may be automatic power-off phenomenon, which belongs to the motor overheating protection function, this time can be reduced over time, until the motor cooling down to continue working.

18 Use and management by JB9009-1999 “Wire Rope Electric Hoist Safety Regulations” in the implementation of Article 4.

19 Inspection and maintenance by JB9009-1999 “electric wire rope hoist safety regulations,” the implementation of Article 5.

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