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The selection rules and methods of Gantry crane

The selection rules and methods of Gantry crane

Gantry crane

  1. The selection of gantry crane

It conforms to the universal gantry crane GB/T14406 – 1993 and GB5905-86 regulations.

In general, the weight under 50 t, span within the 35 m, no special requirements, appropriate chooses the single girder crane. If the width of the door leg is big, the work speed is higher, or the heavy lifting parts are often hoisted, should be selected the double beam gantry crane.

  1. Span and the cantilever length

The span of gantry crane is important factor affecting the quality of the crane itself. In the selection, the equipment meets the conditions of use and meets the standards of span series, Should try to reduce the span.

  1. The principle of determining wheel track
  2. It can satisfy the stability requirement of the gantry along the crane track.
  3. The shape of the goods can be smoothly passed through the leg plane steel frame;
  4. Pay attention to track B and S span proportional relationship, general track B= (1/4 – 1/6) S
  5. Gantry crane span size determined

In the work, the outer dimensions of gantry crane and the yard of goods and transport vehicles between the channel should be left a certain space size, in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations. During the span of a general transport vehicle, the distance between the door and the leg shall be more than 0.7m. Sling when not working and transport vehicles more than 0.5 m spacing, When goods outside leg, door should be more than 0.5 m spacing.

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