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the reducer of overhead crane

Analysis and solution of oil leakage in reducer of overhead crane

5 Ton overhead crane

All kinds of overhead cranes, gantry cranes in the using will appear the reducer oil leakage problem, this kind of problem is more common.

Severe oil spill, Not only will lose a lot of lubricating oil, but also it will adversely affect the crane itself and the cleanliness of the surrounding environment. Therefore, the causes of the oil spill of the crane reducer are analyzed and the conventional treatment measures are put forward:

Reasons for reducer part of the surface for oil spills:

⑴ seal failure;

⑵ box deformation;

⑶ dissecting uneven;

⑷ connecting bolts loose.

Crane reducer oil leakage measures:

⑴ replace the seal;

⑵ repair box section surface, deformation is replaced;

⑶ split surface level;

⑷ clean up the oil return tank, fastening bolts.

In order to prevent the oil leakage of the crane reducer, it should be checked regularly

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