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The Overhead Crane Purpose and Feature

Overhead Crane is mainly used for loading and unloading materials and handling of materials, is an important modern production equipment. Using of lifting and transport machinery can reduce labor intensity, reduce loading and unloading costs, reduce the damage of goods and improve labor productivity, production process mechanization and automation indispensable machinery and equipment. It is widely used in factories, mines, ports, railway stations, construction sites, power plants and other production areas. Hoisting machinery is the intermittent, repetitive work, lifting hook or other spreader lifting, lowering, or lifting and transporting heavy machinery and equipment. Its working characteristics are cyclical. In each working cycle, its main body for a forward and reverse movement, each cycle, including the loading and unloading of items, moving objects and the work of the trip after unloading empty hook return, between the two before and after loading There is a brief stop including assist preparation time.

Comprehensive work characteristics of lifting appliances, from the perspective of security technology can be summarized as follows:

(1) Electric Hoist usually has a large structure and more complex institutions, to complete a lifting movement, one or more horizontal movement. Operation process, often several different directions of movement at the same time operation, technical difficulty.

(2) the lifting of a variety of heavy loads, the load is changing. Some heavy objects weighing hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons, and some objects up to tens of meters, the shape is very irregular, so that the lifting process is complex and dangerous.

(3) most of the lifting machinery, need to run in a larger range, and some to install rails and wheels (such as tower Overhead Cranes, bridge Overhead Cranes, etc.), and some to install tires or track walking on the ground (Such as passenger, cargo aerial ropeway), a larger space, once the impact of the area caused by the accident is also larger.

(4) Some hoisting machines, need to direct transport personnel in the rails, platforms or wire rope to do lifting movements (such as elevators, lifting platform, etc.), its reliability directly affect personal safety.

(5) Much more exposed, active parts, and often direct contact with the lifting workers (such as hooks, wire rope, etc.), potentially many risk factors.

(6) operating environment is complex. From the large iron and steel joint ventures, to modern ports, construction sites have hoisting machinery in operation; often encounter high temperature, high pressure, strong magnetic and other risk factors, the formation of a threat to equipment and operations personnel.

(7) operations often require people to cooperate, to conduct an operation, command, strapping, driving and other operating personnel with skilled, action coordination, take care of each other, the operating personnel should have the ability to deal with emergency situations on the spot. A number of workers working closely with each other, there is a greater difficulty.

It is precisely because of the above-mentioned factors, the Overhead Crane injury accidents are more, so when using the lifting equipment must be strictly good safety clearance, as much as possible to reduce the accident. Enterprises should regularly check the lifting equipment to eliminate security risks.

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