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Bridge cranes installation matters

Bridge cranes installation matters

Bridge cranes mainly by the girder,trolley, hoist operating mechanism and hoisting mechanism, other
accessories and other components. Usually the main girder erected on the bridge, and the main beam on the
laying of the car running rail. Bridge crane can be achieved before and after, moving left and right, a
wide range of operating space.


1.Purchase. a, the construction unit before the purchase should be combined with the construction of the
specific circumstances, scope of use, operating intensity, utilization, maximum lifting weight and other
technical parameters to consider the final selection of the construction requirements of the work level
and specifications, type of bridge Cranes

b.The construction unit to develop good technical parameters, the need for market research and inspection
of the strength of manufacturers and product performance, quality, etc.

c.After delivery of selected products, the manufacturers door-to-door. At this time the construction unit
should be out of the box test to see whether the complete random technical information, spare parts and
inventory are the same, whether there is damage, defects, and make a detailed record.
2.installation. Bridge crane is a kind of special equipment, the equipment installation requirements are
higher.Construction units must choose to have the installation of qualified installation team, in addition
to the installation unit should be selected by the national technical supervision department of the
examination and obtain installation qualification. Installation team should be in strict accordance with
the technical requirements of safe construction, to put an end to any security risks.

After the installation of equipment, the need to go through the supervision of the installation unit
acceptance, and declare special equipment inspection agencies to install acceptance, and ultimately put
into use

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