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The electric hoist pulley

Daily inspection and maintenance notice of electric hoist pulley

5Ton Electic Hoist

Electric hoist through the pulley, wire rope and hook composed of slings to rise objects, so the inspection and maintenance of the pulley can be from the following aspects to strengthen the inspection efforts to prevent accidents.

1, in the daily maintenance should focus on checking whether there is a crack in the pulley, but also through the magnifying glass to observe, if found to have cracks should be immediately discarded. Prohibited to continue through the use of welding cracks.

2, check the pulley groove and the rope between the sharp friction, whether there is a wire rope out of the phenomenon.

3, check the degree of wear of the pulley, such as beyond the design of the wear range should be immediately discarded, replace the new pulley to ensure safe operation.

4, check the pulley wheel is connected firmly, pulley rotation is flexible, there is abnormal noise. Should be fixed once a month, and the lubrication of the pulley to ensure that its good working condition.

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