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The biggest gantry crane manufacturer

The biggest feature of the gantry crane manufacturer

Engineering crane

In the past the general plastic industry or die casting industry to store goods used to store the goods in gantry crane manufacturers can only use drawer type gantry crane rack manufacturers. Because as long as a little larger mold can not be stored in the drawer type gantry crane rack manufacturers, must be placed on the ground, which is very inconvenient in the management planning of the warehouse. But the traditional gantry crane frame manufacturers , the pick and place for hanging 60% of the mold to support and slightly drooping, the staff in the mold must take place in the fence before the close pallet, due to surface skid grease, Die fall injury.


The new gantry crane rail manufacturers of aircraft is in orbit around pallet can move, According to the group number of squares into 234 layers, each layer is less available for other pallets, the pallet to move around, The crane from the top down and take mold, each layer of thrust light, pallet mold weight was to be uniformly rail operators in support, take the mold, the separated protection of steel bar, quite safe.


In terms of the overall structure, the rail type gantry crane frame manufacturer’s width is 1.8 times of the traditional drawer type gantry crane frame manufacturers, storage in the orbit of the gantry crane frame manufacturers mold completely protected by steel fence. Because of its large volume and a protective fence, in case of strong earthquake will not die on a pallet drop.


In addition, the traditional mold shelves, each piece of pallets only allow a maximum of 75% area, and the load capacity is below 1000kg, and the gantry crane rail manufacturers of aircraft pallet capacity volume reached 100%, and each pallet can carry the weight up to 5000kg. The biggest feature is the rail type gantry crane frame manufacturers can easily store the size of mold, if the same number and size of the mold in the orbit of the gantry crane shelf manufacturers, can save about 30% of the cost.

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