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Cause Analysis and Diagnostic Method of Container Crane Walking Failure


The so-called walking weakness refers to the transmission can not be passed to the gear design of the torque, that is, the transmission slip. The symptoms are: forward or backward when there is a sense of sliding; start or shift when the engine idling phenomenon Atlas air compressor accessories.

Analysis of the reasons may be that the control of the main hydraulic pressure; clutch friction plate wear. In addition, in addition to the circuit system failure and distribution valve spool stuck, the machine can not walk all the reasons will cause the machine to walk weak, but in varying degrees only.

According to the machine can not walk the cause of the fault diagnosis method, in the clutch running pressure detection mouth connected to the pressure gauge, start the engine, observe the pressure gauge pointer readings. If the pressure value is lower than the standard value, the cause of the failure check method and can not walk the same.

If the pressure value and the standard value of the match, you can manipulate the stalls handle, compare the pressure gauge pointer readings to change the diagnostic analysis. Due to control of pipeline leakage and friction plate wear and tear caused by the failure of the fault diagnosis and analysis methods can not walk the same, but the problem is not so serious only. If you put any gear, the pressure gauge pointer after the rapid decline in the rapid rise to the standard value, while walking normal, but a few minutes later, the pressure drops, walking is also weak, and push the handle back to neutral position, a few minutes After the pressure and then return to the standard value, this phenomenon is generally poor oil or oil due to lack of focus should check whether the filter is blocked, the oil is sufficient.

The above fault diagnosis analysis with the help of pressure gauge and other simple diagnostic instruments, the use of the mathematical comparison of the exclusion method and exhaustive method for other types of hydraulic shift transmission fault diagnosis has done one after another.

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