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The base distance of Bridge Crane

The gauge, span and base distance of Bridge Crane

The gauge, span and base distance of Overhead Crane

The gauge refers to Bridge Crane rail or lifting trolley rail between the center line of the horizontal distance, That is, the distance between two parallel tracks can be divided into Cart gauge and trolley gauge. The trolley gauge is the parameter of the double beam Bridge Crane, Single beam Bridge Crane is not considered, the determination of the cart gauge shall be based on the width of the workshop. The trolley gauge should be based on institutional arrangement and the requirements to determine the overall stability of the crane.

The span of Bridge Crane is the horizontal distance of the center line of crane running track. That is, large gauge, is an important factor affecting crane quotation. The salesman should know the span of the crane when quoting to the customer.

The crane gauge refers to the direction along the track, the horizontal distance between the two leg center lines, this is to determine the mechanism according to the requirements of the overall layout and stability of crane. If walking is not divided into eight wheels, it is the distance between the center of the same side trolley.

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