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How to prevent the gantry crane from rusting

How to prevent the gantry crane from rusting

Gantry crane

  1. If in the process of inspection,it is found that the paint film of the metal structure is broken in some places, so be sure to put these damaged place clean, then coated with anticorrosive paint for these places such as antirust paint. To protect it in the rain or snow, the metal surface will not from corrosion due to the weather problem.
  2. In the process of the gantry crane rust, Don’t ignore the activities of the crane parts, this is very critical, this is very critical. For these parts, you can use -10 or -20 diesel brushing, it can not only remove the equipment easy to corrosion of the material, but also can make the metal surface to form a layer of oil film, to resist the low temperature effect.
  3. The crane need to down for maintenance, don’t just check a place, should do the overall check. In order to maintain good performance of the device, in addition to use diesel cleaning and lubrication, and coating a layer of lubricating oil. Choose calcium base or lithium base grease effect will be better.
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